Since 1995, Avid Group company operates in the US cosmetics market developments. CEO - Michael Ordan, co-founder of the brand Magiderm, an outstanding scientist, a developer of innovative formulas and the latest cosmetics. For over 30 years, Michael Horde went to his dream of creating a modern production of innovative products based on the developments of all scientists of the world.

The company's motto "We have reached of what others only dream of." Modern technology, together with a team of outstanding scientists have made so that we can afford this claim. Over the past 10 years, Avid Group has established cooperation with dozens of trade marks and brands. We create cosmetics for companies around the world.

Avid Group provides the following services to its customers:

  • Development of unique formulations of cosmetic products
  • Creating products in our own laboratory
  • Secure products that have passed the full test cycle
  • Packaging and product branding

Avid Group produces a wide range of cosmetic products for skin care, hair, associated with personal hygiene, beauty. As part of our means of high-quality organic compounds that have passed all tests for compliance.